Thursday, July 14, 2016

3 Years Later

I am back after a long three year blog free life. We say it time and time again... life happens, life happens. When I was first banded in 2009 it was a new experience I had never been through. I met some wonderful people that were going through the same thing at the same thing, so blogging was a huge part of my journey. As the years went by I did really well staying on tract, going to support groups, therapy, exercising, eating low carb, drinking lots of water, all the key factors that worked for me. I lost about 160 pounds to my lowest. A WHOLE PERSON!!! Over the past I would say four of the seven since I got my band I have gained 60 pounds back. I have managed to keep 100 pounds off. That has always been a big thing in my head. I would not allow myself to touch that 100.  I am so close to that number that I finally broke down and made an appointment with my doctor. I went today. It was a really good visit. I love having a doctor that takes his time to talk to me, and explain stuff for me to understand not just give me a fill and send me on my way. I feel so good about making and keeping the appointment. I am excited about starting over in my journey. I have so many clothes I want to wear again. I got cocky when I lost the weight. Got my first real boyfriend, and just let life happen. It was a whole life I had never had, and I just couldnt balance. I am excited what the future holds. I do well setting goals, so goals are in place and I am gonna do this thing one more time. Who all is still out here in blog land????? I miss all you guys!!!!

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  1. Peek a boo. I am catching up on reading and it's exciting because people are blogging again. After taking years off! need an update missy!