Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Start

Welcome to my new blog. I guess I should back track first and get everyone caught up date wise on the current events of my new journey.
May & June - I got real sick at work one night. I could not breathe. It scared some of the guys. They took me over to station 16 to get checked out by the paramedics. Long story short my parents came to pick me up, and we ended up at the ER. Tests were done, but they could not find a problem. They sent me home with an inhaler. I seen my primary care doctor a few times who continued making me go through all kinds of tests. Still nothing. The last time I went to my primary doctor he said that the only thing he could come up with is my weight causing me to have problems. He said I recommend you to have the Lap Band Surgery. I immediately said NO. I am not having surgery. He said that it is a safe surgery and being the fact that I have struggled with my weight my whole life that this is the best thing for me. I left there very upset. It is a reality that my weight is a problem, but still no one likes to be told that. So I began to do my own research of the Lap Band Procedure. I spent hours upon hours on the Internet. I came across peoples personal blogs that told the story from day one of their surgery. I found that amazing that people actually do that. I found myself always coming back to them cause I just had to know what happens next. I also had the benefit of talking one on one with two coworkers that also had the procedure done.
On June 15th I went to a small group seminar at Jacksonville Weight Loss Center. I took Mom of course. We were both really impressed. After a month of praying and talking with my family and close friends. I was fortunate enough to make my first appointment. My mom said she never gave up praying she knew something great would happen if it was meant to be and it did.
On July 15th I had my first appointment with Dr. Baptista. He was very fun.. I knew in the first five minutes of meeting with him that I had made the right decision. When I left the office that day I was told that my surgery date would be August the 11th. I didn't expect to find out that day. WOW.. So now it' real... I have the date. I had an appointment with the nutritionist and the fitness consult.

All that leads me to today.I realize many people view the Lap Band as an easy way out. However, I feel that anyone who has that opinion hasn't struggled with the same demons that an overweight person has. I have my families support which first and foremost the number one thing that matters after that I have a huge support group of friends that back me. I am excited on this journey. I have been overweight my whole life. I have never been a normal weight. I am embarking on a change that is going to change my life forever.