Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Secret Drawer

My Dad works for the local Sherriff's Department where we live. He used to be the Chief of Investigations. While he was over there he was known for keeping his detectives happy with his "secret drawer." Now he is a Captain and he is over the Fleet Division. His "drawer" has followed him out to his new office. Tuesday night I was calling my Dad on my way home. He said just come on by here and we will go to Sams. I love that store, so I did. Little did I know the reason for the Sams visit was to buy stuff for "the drawer." It was a carb frenzy you hear me... I took a picture just to share our buggy with you. The only thing of mine was the bottle water on the bottom.

It felt so good to be able to get anything I wanted, but I didn't pick out anything. I am constantly overcoming the carb addiction.
After we left he said he wanted to go by his office to put all the stuff away, so we did. I took a picture of what that looks like to. Crazy!!! All that and then in the refrig all they have are Diet Mt & Dew and Diet Dr Pepper. Too funny.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I met Jacquie for lunch. She is an amazing woman. So sweet and just great really. We had very good conversation, and I learned a lot. She is so strong. My heart just went out to her as she shared with me. I long to be as strong as her one day. We both had our camera's but forgot to take pictures for the blog before we left. That just gives us an excuse to meet again. We live not to far away, so I am sure we will be meeting again soon. If you dont follow her go check her blog out. She just started with a trainer, so I am sure it will be fun reading all about that. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I am blessed to have the best Daddy in the world. I love him with all my heart, and thank God for him everyday. I am so lucky to have the parents that I do. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day with their families.

Check me out!

Something soooo huge happened last night I just have to share.... I was at my friends house getting ready to go out and meet up with some others friends. I kept playing with my jeans pulling on them at my butt. They are too big back there, so I look on the bed while the girls are getting ready and see this jean skirt. I looked at the size and said well it's a 18 these jeans are 20 hmm I wonder. So I asked my friend If she mind if I try it on. I did and... IT FIT!!!! I have no idea when I fit in a 18 not in middle or high school for number 1, number 2 I have never been able to share my friends clothes. Super excited you hear me!!! I am so happy. I will never forget this day. It's almost better than my 100 pound lost day. I have always been the biggest girl with my friends, but now I'm coming down people watch out!! Haha!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whew! What a Week!

I have been so busy this week. Finally got a sec to sit down and catch up on reading everyones blogs. I call that my therapy.

I’ll start with last Saturday. I worked then as soon as I got off went shopping for a new outfit. I went out with some good friends that I met through my lapband doctors office. Valerie is the closest friend in that group. I just love her to death. She has welcomed me in with open arms to her and her family. I stayed the night with her then on Sunday we spent the day at the pool. She has a five year old that is precious.
I am off work on Sunday- Tuesday, so usually I make all my appointments on Monday as my busy day. I had my lovely gyno appointment then I work out with Deb my trainer, then I had my last small group counseling. I have been having a hard week dealing with Kristie the counselor at my doc’s office leaving the practice for a personal reason. Which I am so happy for her, but also I am being so selfish cause I don’t want her to go. I have been involved in small group counseling with her on Mondays since Oct. We had people come and go out of our group until it finally just ended up being me, Val, and Angie. I have grown to love these women. Kristie was the first person in my life to ever challenge me. Over the past 7-8 months. I have opened up to them ladies like I never have before. I have changed the way I view life, and react to it. I was often this week saying what am I gonna do with out her, but then I sit back and thank, Gail you did this.. not any of them. I did it. I am becoming a person I knew I always was, just scared to open up.
I ended Monday night with Zumba. I am officially addicted to it!
On Tuesday I went with some friends of mine to Summer Waves water park in Bruinswick, Ga about an hour north of me. I took Joey my nephew. He’s my heart!
When I got home I got ready, and went to the hospital to visit my good friends Jeremy and Sarina to welcome their precious beautiful baby girl into the world.

Wednesday came along it was the start to my work week. Always a pleasure :)

After work, I work out with Deb then straight to Zumba.

Thursday its work then support group with my dr’s office. Kristie was there, so we got to say goodbye. It was a very sad and emotional time for me. I am very, very happy for her, and I know she will come back, and I have access to her via email, but its just the thought that I spend two- three days a week at that office, and she wont be there.

Friday its work then I went out to dinner and a movie with Josh one of my closest friends.

Now its Saturday, and here I sit at work, and its finally my Friday. After work I am headed to my friend Stephanie’s we are gonna start the couch to 5K program. I wanna learn how to run a whole 5k. I have walked at a fast pace two of them. I have another one coming up next Saturday, but in November I am doing one and would love to run the whole thing.

What a week. I am trying to keep myself busy, and I think this week is proof that I'm doing that.
I’ll close with Happy Father’s Day tomorrow to my wonderful Daddy. I am so blessed to have a Father like I do. He is amazing. I love him so much!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My 2nd 5K

Last Saturday my sister in law Kathy and I did our 2nd 5k. It was the Never Quit Beach Fest at Jax Beach. Such an awesome story about a family who lost their Dad to a brain bleed and stroke complications after he fought to stay alive. When he couldn't talk his son asked him Dad, if you can write anything down what would it be. He wrote Never Quit. It was such a teary moment hearing his son tell that story. We should never quit!!!

It was my first time walking on the beach. That was a lot different than walking on the pavement. Our time was 51 min that was 17 min miles making it longer than my first time of 48 min 16 min miles. I was sad that my time was off, but it is a lot harder walking on the beach. I was looking at the few pictures we took, and thought to myself man Gail look at you. For one of the first times I could really tell how much weight I have actually lost. Ever had those moments???

We made it!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Weekend

I know its been days since the weekend, but I have been so busy no time to sit and type away. I finally made time. I am just getting settled into work. 6am is still waaaay to early.

My weekend was great. Started out Friday night. I went to Moonlight Movies at Jax with my friend Kathy. Top Gun was showing. I love that movie. I met up with I can't make the link thing work for some odd reason. Oh well, Kristen was great. We realized that we got banded three days apart. She is awesome. She looks great. Too sweet to. It was a fast visit, but well worth it.

I was at work on Saturday when I heard the news that one of my favorite cousins, Tabitha, had given birth. I was super excited, and thought it would be great to head up to Charlotte to visit with the family. I talked to my Dad about it, and talked it over with my Aunt Jean up there. Later that morning my Dad called me back, and said if you wanna go your Mom and I will go to. I asked to leave work early about 1pm went home threw stuff in a bag, and we was on our way. We arrived Saturday, but didn't tell anyone we was in town. Sunday morning we walked into the hospital room totally surprising my family. It was GREAT.

Justus is his name. He is sooo precious.

We came home Monday. Didn't do anything Monday. I was tired from the ride home. Tuesday I had Dr. appointments and then Lunch with Kathy. Its always good to catch up with my sister. After lunch I was off to the beach and the pool with a friend.

All in All a WONDERFUL weekend.

Hope you guys are having a great week!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Got Pinned

I just left the Dr. Office for my monthly regular appointment. I made it to 100 down according to their office. I got a pin!!! Yay... This months challenge from doc is to find different ways to keep active find things to do to replace food or just the urge or bordem eating. Let's see what I can come up with. Total loss is 105!!!
Super proud today.