Friday, October 30, 2009


At my job I work nights. I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I am a dispatcher for the airport police department. I work 12 hour shifts, and from midnight till 4am I am alone in the room. I have some officers that stop by to visit, and some other random people, but for the most part I am alone. I call it my “me time.” I am a very much people person and rarely spend time alone, so this is good time for me; however, I get bored and what happens when I get bored. I wanna eat. I am still trying to get over this. I don’t snack or anything, but the feeling is still there. I used to go to the kitchen and plunder for something, but now I don’t but I still get those feelings. I just recently asked my boss if I can go to days. I think that will help me tremendously with this life changing journey I am on. My friend, Brooke also offered to let me come work out with her after work, and walk her neighborhood, so hopefully I can get days and get in a routine with her. I still see my personal trainer twice a week, but having a buddy for some more time will be great to.

A side note I want to share is my brother Lee owns an auto shop here in town. I was there hanging out today and a lady I haven’t seen in a while walked in and came over to me and said Gail…. You have lost weight girl you are looking great. The feeling I got was great. It is always great to hear it from someone who doesn’t know I had the surgery. I feel like the people that do know are expecting it and watching me like I am going to do tricks. Haha.. anyway it was an awesome feeling. I know, I know everyone keeps telling me to post pictures. I promise I will very soon.

So as I sit here wondering what to do I came across a blog where someone had listed reasons she wanted to lose weight, so I thought hmmm... what a good idea to blog a list then come back to it and see progress. Well here it goes.

Why I want to lose weight:

*For my health
*I love amusement parks. I don’t fit on most of the rides anymore.
*I love to travel. I want to be able to ride an airplane without asking for an extender.
*We go on lost of vacations when we search for fun activities to do everything always has a weight restriction.
*My friends and I get together a lot. That mainly consists of eating out. Restaurant booths are a tight squeeze for me. I wanna be able to fit comfortably without having to worry the whole way to the table if I can gonna be able to fit or not or just be miserable.
*I wanna be able to walk the flight of stairs to not be breathing hard at the top.
*I hate being told I have a beautiful face. I just want to be called beautiful.
*I hate shopping in plus clothes stores. I don’t remember exactly how old I was but I know in middle school I was in plus size and just kept going. I never been able to stop with my friends at Gap, Banana, Victoria Secret, or none of those other stores.

There is a small list, but important stuff to me.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3rd Fill

Today I had my third fill. Dr. said everything is going great.

My appointment was originally scheduled for next Friday so that would have given me over a week to be better, but the Dr. office called me last week to move my appointment up. The Doc was going to be out of the office on the day I was supposed to go. I was nervous because that was only three weeks since I had seen him last. In those three weeks the stress came over me like no other. My Aunt was in hospice I was visiting her a lot and very sad. Work had crazy drama going on. I felt like most times when you have to go through things its not at home and work at the same time, but for me it was. I had a cruise planned that we went on the 15th. I had mixed emotions about going with my Aunt being so bad. I had a feeling that for some reason she would not make it the whole time I was gone. My Dad told me I needed to go. Well on Wednesday my friend Jon and I went by to see her and it was the first time I had been there that she was not awake. That was really hard on me. Thursday morning we left. I called home from Key West to get the news that she had passed away. It was hard being away from my family when they needed me, but I had to put my head up and make the most of it. I love cruising it is something we do once a year. I did end up having a great time. I was so nervous that I had done bad those weeks, so I didn't even want to go today, but I did. In the three weeks since I had gone to see the doc last I lose 7lbs. 2-3 per week. I am really happy with that with everything I had going on. Especially with the cruise. Its hard to be good on a cruise.
I am still working out with Deb my personal trainer twice a week except the cruise week. I went to her yesterday. She is killing me. I am sitting at work now and I just got up to fill my water bottle up and I am sore all over. No pain no gain right. ha!!
I am moving forward from here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Magic Number

Today I met with Deb my personal trainer. I usually only weigh when I have my once a month appointment with my Doc, but I am leaving for a cruise this Thursday and I kind of wanted to know where I am before and after the cruise. I am thinking it might be something I do kind of regularly now getting her to weigh me in the middle of the month I guess. Well I am pleased to say that I am now 298 no more 300 baby. I was so freaking excited today. I felt like a kid that just heard the noise of the icecream truck coming around the corner. haha...
Today was a big day for me 40 lbs down. I am so happy with myself. For one of the first times in my life I am finally doing something right. I made this decision because I wanted it for me. I want the whole thing for Gail not for anyone else. It has been kind of strange giving all this me time to me when I am not used to worrying about me at all, but when I have a day like today it just seems so real now and it makes me so happy that I am doing this not anyone else just me.

The Magic Number of the Day is 40!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Fill and 33 Down

I had a doctor appointment today. I went in and talked to the nutritionist everything has been going good. Still doing good at trying not to go over 30 carbs a day as suggested. I still have a problem getting all my water in. Then the doctor came in. We chatted for a few then he said he would give me a fill. Being that it was my 2nd one I kind of was prepared, but then it took a turn. He put some in and had me sit up to drink/ chug the water. He said let me know when you feel it and then let me know when you feel it release or gone if you will. Well it wasn't going down. It was burning and just plain awful. He had me spit it in the cup. I still didn't feel right and what do I do. You got it, I started panicking. He said lay down as soon as my head it the table I coughed and then threw up the rest of all the water. IT WAS AWFUL. Then I started crying. Mostly because I was just freaking out and embarrassed. He said well now you know what it is like to have to much. I just know that it was crazy to not be able to even get water down. He took some out and I tried drinking again and I was good. Thankfully.

Now for the good news. 7 weeks after surgery and I am a total 33 lbs down. 7 of that was pre surgery when I was doing low carb July 20th- August 11th. Brings it to 26 post surgery. That is super exciting to me.