Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3rd Fill

Today I had my third fill. Dr. said everything is going great.

My appointment was originally scheduled for next Friday so that would have given me over a week to be better, but the Dr. office called me last week to move my appointment up. The Doc was going to be out of the office on the day I was supposed to go. I was nervous because that was only three weeks since I had seen him last. In those three weeks the stress came over me like no other. My Aunt was in hospice I was visiting her a lot and very sad. Work had crazy drama going on. I felt like most times when you have to go through things its not at home and work at the same time, but for me it was. I had a cruise planned that we went on the 15th. I had mixed emotions about going with my Aunt being so bad. I had a feeling that for some reason she would not make it the whole time I was gone. My Dad told me I needed to go. Well on Wednesday my friend Jon and I went by to see her and it was the first time I had been there that she was not awake. That was really hard on me. Thursday morning we left. I called home from Key West to get the news that she had passed away. It was hard being away from my family when they needed me, but I had to put my head up and make the most of it. I love cruising it is something we do once a year. I did end up having a great time. I was so nervous that I had done bad those weeks, so I didn't even want to go today, but I did. In the three weeks since I had gone to see the doc last I lose 7lbs. 2-3 per week. I am really happy with that with everything I had going on. Especially with the cruise. Its hard to be good on a cruise.
I am still working out with Deb my personal trainer twice a week except the cruise week. I went to her yesterday. She is killing me. I am sitting at work now and I just got up to fill my water bottle up and I am sore all over. No pain no gain right. ha!!
I am moving forward from here.

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  1. That is fantastic that you are still doing your personal trainer! You are doing great!