Friday, October 2, 2009

2nd Fill and 33 Down

I had a doctor appointment today. I went in and talked to the nutritionist everything has been going good. Still doing good at trying not to go over 30 carbs a day as suggested. I still have a problem getting all my water in. Then the doctor came in. We chatted for a few then he said he would give me a fill. Being that it was my 2nd one I kind of was prepared, but then it took a turn. He put some in and had me sit up to drink/ chug the water. He said let me know when you feel it and then let me know when you feel it release or gone if you will. Well it wasn't going down. It was burning and just plain awful. He had me spit it in the cup. I still didn't feel right and what do I do. You got it, I started panicking. He said lay down as soon as my head it the table I coughed and then threw up the rest of all the water. IT WAS AWFUL. Then I started crying. Mostly because I was just freaking out and embarrassed. He said well now you know what it is like to have to much. I just know that it was crazy to not be able to even get water down. He took some out and I tried drinking again and I was good. Thankfully.

Now for the good news. 7 weeks after surgery and I am a total 33 lbs down. 7 of that was pre surgery when I was doing low carb July 20th- August 11th. Brings it to 26 post surgery. That is super exciting to me.


  1. Congrats on the 33, that is awesome. How much do you have in your band now?

  2. You are doing so good. I would love to have a sweet spot so soon! Keep it up.

  3. Gen- I am not sure. It just seems like everyone has a different amount they need so I just didnt really care to know what mine is. Maybe one day I'll ask.

    Kinzie- Thank you!

  4. Man that is a sucky experience, but this means you should be close to your sweet spot!!!

    33 lbs in 7 wks is fab b/c I'm at 31 lbs in 14 wks so you are totally rockin it! awesome!

    btw, we need pics!!! Show off those 33 lbs gone!

  5. Whoo-hoo, girl!

    There is so much less of you to love already!

    Aunt Jean