Saturday, August 22, 2009

About me

I thought I would share a little about myself since most of you are my new blogging friends and don't know me. Well I was born and raised in a small town in northeast Florida called Callahan. I am very close to my Dad and Mom still a daddy's girl at 28. I have a brother that is 14 years older than me, yep I was the surprise. A wonderful one at that. lol. My brother's name is Lee he is married to a wonderful woman named Kathy and they have one son named Joey. He will be 12 on Wednesday. He loves his aunt Gail. I love to spend time with him. We took a couple days this summer and spent it at the beach in Daytona. He is my favorite. I love living close to my family. I talk to or see them at least once everyday. I am very blessed. I have the best friends in the world. We have a very close tight circle of friends. Most of them I grew up with.

I am very excited about this new journey I am on. I am still scared, but I am adapting to life with the band. I think I need to name it... I never new that people blog their whole experience of being banded on here so all this is new to me. I look forward to meeting a lot of new people for support and encouragement.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been a week!

Today is day 7 since my surgery. I survived a week of still no eating. So now everyone whats to know how was the surgery. My parents went with me we arrived at the Surgery Center at 530am waaaayy to early I know. I got all set up ready to go and at 630am on the dot they pushed me into the operating room. I was sooo freaking scared. So they start getting me ready and I only remember a little bit. First, they started tying down my arms and then put my legs up in those stirrup things I busted out with a nervous.. umm.. that's not the right surgery. Doc said we got to put them somewhere lol... Then, the anaesthetist said I am gonna give you a little oxygen to calm your nerves and that was it... I was out! I woke up in recovery a couple hours later panicking and going crazy I was cold, I kept saying my legs, my legs, they wont stop shaking then I felt my head had a blanket up there and I started throwing that off. My nurse comes over there telling me to calm down everything is ok. Then I hear, Gail... calm down in a oh so familiar voice yep that's it my daddy's voice. To my surprise mom and dad had been sitting there while I was sleeping. Funny I know. I was on so much medication I barely remember a lot, but the dr. came by and said while he was in there he found a hinea hernia that he had repair. So I had to then drink two cups of water, sit in a recliner, and walk. After all three I was set free. We got home at 1030am. How quick is that. I am still amazed by that. That night was great all of my closest friends came by to visit with me. I love them so. and my mom stayed the night with me. I was just reminded tonight that one of my coworkers called me that night to check on me. I didn't remember much of our conversation. Thanks to some good drugs, but he said he asked me how I felt. I said like a Mac Truck ran into my belly. haha.. The next few days I was in a lot of pain. They say mostly because of the hernia repair, or maybe I am just a baby. lol. It hurt to move, but they want you to move to get better. Each day I made my self get up and walk around. Every night I had visitors that was the best part. On Friday my Mom thought it would be good to get out of the house. She took me to CVS in Callahan to get some things. That wore me out. I was ready to be home. On Sunday I was finally feeling better enough to say I wanted to get out. I went with mom and dad to Walmart and then Josh came over and we went with them to Best Buy then later when we got home Jon came over. The boys wanted to eat and here I am I cant eat nothing they wanted me to sit with them at Cracker Barrell so I went with my shake in hand for the fellowship I guess. This all brings me to today. I had my first followup appointment. Good news... Since July 15th when I started this process I have lost 24lbs. 13 of those were just this week after surgery. That is mostly because I have not been able to eat yet. Day1-3 Clear Liquids, Day 4-8 Full Liquids which is protein shakes, Day 9-15, Soft foods, Day 16 finally I can eat what I want. Still saying on low carb!! Man I can't wait to get there. Today is also my first night back at work. So not wanting to be here. I am still not 100 percent, but it takes time to heal I suppose.
I know this was a big post, but there was lots of info to be given.
I will be back soon with an update.

Here is a picture my dad took of me the day I went for surgery.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today is the day I will begin my pre-op diet. Clear liquids for the next two days... Yes that's right NO FOOD! I am sooo not looking forward to this. Yesterday my mom and dad went shopping with me, so that I could be sure to have everything I need.
Bottled Water
Sugar free jello
Crystal light
Chicken and Beef broth
Yep that's it.

I am getting nervous about the surgery. At the same time I am excited for the future.

This past Thursday night I went to the support group at the Dr's office. It was really good. It calmed a lot of my nerves down. It was a relaxed environment and I was able to ask any questions and concerns I had. There were people from all different stages from a week after surgery to two years out.

The next time you hear from me I will be banded how cool is that?