Saturday, August 22, 2009

About me

I thought I would share a little about myself since most of you are my new blogging friends and don't know me. Well I was born and raised in a small town in northeast Florida called Callahan. I am very close to my Dad and Mom still a daddy's girl at 28. I have a brother that is 14 years older than me, yep I was the surprise. A wonderful one at that. lol. My brother's name is Lee he is married to a wonderful woman named Kathy and they have one son named Joey. He will be 12 on Wednesday. He loves his aunt Gail. I love to spend time with him. We took a couple days this summer and spent it at the beach in Daytona. He is my favorite. I love living close to my family. I talk to or see them at least once everyday. I am very blessed. I have the best friends in the world. We have a very close tight circle of friends. Most of them I grew up with.

I am very excited about this new journey I am on. I am still scared, but I am adapting to life with the band. I think I need to name it... I never new that people blog their whole experience of being banded on here so all this is new to me. I look forward to meeting a lot of new people for support and encouragement.


  1. I am super close to my family as well. It's good that you have the adittude of knowing that you are blessed to be surrounded by good people! Good spirits!

    You should add a tickler at the top with your weightloss so we can see at a glance, how well you're doing. You're probably at the "slowing down" point now when you go onto regular food. This will pass though! Keepyour head up!!!

  2. I am still trying to figure all this out, so I will try to figure out how to add one of those. Thanks I have my head up!!! :)

  3. Gail,

    Congratulations on getting banded! I'm still fufilling my insurance pre-surgery requirements, but hope to be banded next month. I look forward to following your journey and sharing along the way!