Friday, September 4, 2009

My First Fill

Today was my first fill. It was just as it was described to me. I did not even fill the needle.. That was until he had a hard time finding the part he needed. He could find the port, but kept saying the first one is always hard. I think the part that was the most uncomfortable was his fingers pressing down so hard on the port and my belly. So now liquids again for two days. Fun, Fun. Then the real fun begins. I am nervous about eating. I went to the support group at my Dr's office again tonight. People were talking about getting stuff stuck and getting sick. It just all makes me nervous. Any words of wisdom please?


  1. You probably won't get much stuck for now. How big is your band and how much was your first fill? Some MD's do a lot and some only do a tiny bit to start out.

    Most people have problems with getting stuck around their 2nd-4th fill. I'm at 7cc after my 2nd fill and I only got chicken stuck once b/c I wasn't paying attention while I ate.

    Just take it slow and ease from liquids to mushies and then onto soft solid foods. Through that process you will be able to see how MUCH restriction you have and if you are going to have problems or not.

  2. Ha.. I didnt even ask how much he put in there.

    Thanks for the pointers.

  3. Hi Gail! I look forward to following you in your journey! Thanks for joining my blog.

  4. Hi Gail, I just found your blog and enjoyed catching up on your journey! I can relate I am super close to my family and had my dad take me to surgery too!! Keep up the good work!