Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Birthday Week!

I would like to let everyone know that this week is my birthday week!

I have been at work for 6 days in a row and I have tomorrow to go before I finally get a day off. Been a busy bee, but things are going good. I have a lot of new opportunities going on at work which I am very excited about. Yesterday and today I was given birthday presents and last night my aunt Nita was in town. She made me my favorite cake she makes and everyone sang to me. My birthday is not till Thursday, but with all these festivies going on I have declared my official birthday week long celebration.

Lap band life is going well. I am seven months out. Still dropping down I am right about 85 right last time I was there. I have not weighed lately sometimes the scale at home is discouraging, so I go to the dr once a month. I have decided to only weigh then. I have slowed down a little with the weight loss. I have not changed much of anything. I still watch my carbs like crazy like I am supposed to and I am still working out with my trainer twice a week, and going to the gym at least two other times a week. Not sure what the problem is there. Its not dropping as fast as it was, but I am not getting discouraged because I am so happy at this point with my success. People are noticing and that makes me want all this even more. I love my life right now. It feels great to be doing good a something. I hope everyone is having a great week and I will post pics up from the birthday soon, but for now these are some recent pics.

Me and My friend Melaine


My mom and me. We went to the park. I walked three miles around the track, and then took a break and we swang on the swings together. It was a great moment. I have not done that with her in over 20 something years. What a great moment. Love love her...

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