Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad bad chicken.... I usually don't have issues with chicken, but boy I just did... You know the drill first comes the tightness in your chest then the feeling that you just gotta get it out. I go to the bathroom throw up a little there's some chicken. I thought I was in the clear... Oh but I wasn't. I go back to the table sit there. My parents have all my looks down to a tee. They know just by looking at me that I'm not ok, and talking is not ok. My mom said, "Gail you ok?" I gave the look and if you know me well you know my answer was "it's all good." Then I looked up and said nope I gotta walk as soon as I stood up and headed to the bathroom there comes the gross part we hate... Slime as I now break into a sprint across the restaurant. Then get to the bathroom to finally get it out!! Followed by the lovely burps to let me know this time it's really all good!! :) still not feeling 100% but glad the worst is behind me! Hope everyone else had a better night than me!

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