Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Been 10 Years

Last night was my 10 year HS Reunion. I can not believe how fast time flies. I had a great time. I was debating going for a while, but I am totally glad I went. It was great to see everyone. One of my closests friends from school was there, Faith, I havent seen her in a while and it was like we never missed a beat. I love her. I understand life happens, but it is sad when friends lose touch. It was an amazing night. I am so glad I went. I thought I would share a few pics.


  1. That's awesome! My 10 yr reunion is still 3 years away. You look like you had a great time and that outfit you picked was very flattering!!!

  2. Thank you. It was a great time.

  3. You look beautiful! You should totally make one of those pictures your new blogger profile picture! Love your hair!

    Can you believe we are so old? My HS 10 year was last year!

  4. You look wonderful!

    Love you,
    Aunt Jean

  5. Thanks Amy I'll change my picture just for you. :)
    Thanks Aunt Jean... Love you.

  6. Awesome. I missed my 10 yr reunion and wished I had been able to make it.

    Speaking of awesome, Amy is right, you looked great in the photo and should totally make that your profile shot!