Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Pics

Just thought it was time to add some new pictures. We put up our little tree at work, and then the other is just me. Someone told me it was time to give up on those pants that I am wearing in the first pictures. They are a little to big. The one of me in the jeans is my new pair of jeans two sizes down yay!!!

Have a great Sunday Funday!!


  1. You look great! And those pants do look to big!

  2. YAY! Cool jeans! And two sizes down....way to go!

  3. Looking good in those new jeans!

  4. YOu are looking great, you can tell the progress! The jeans look good, you do need to ditch the old khaikis.

  5. I agree with everyone else, you look great & the old pants just makes you look larger than you are!! Time to ditch them.

  6. Me, too. Me, too!

    The khakis are too big and the jeans look great. And I love your hair. Very pretty and chic.

  7. Hi there, Gail
    I'm not sure what took me so long to find you as I have just realised myself that you are following my blog (so sorry..sigh.. blond!!)
    I just wanted to intro myself and say hello and to let you know I read your blog and you are doing SO WELL!! Just amazing.. over 60 pounds lost and look at those new pics. You look wonderful (love your cute hair too!)
    Looking forward to getting to know you more and reading more posts.
    PS If you get this message beforehand.. MERRY CHRISTMAS.. hope it's a lovely one.