Friday, April 23, 2010

BYOC Questions

I am going to play along with Drazil and answer the BYOC (bring your own craziness) questions.
It’s Bring Your Own Craziness day where we answer 5 questions we may not normally address in our blog as a way to get to know each other a bit better. Enjoy! Happy Answering!

1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why.
I would not want to be an embalmer at the funeral home. That whole process just creeps me out. When I start thinking about the process in which those people that work for the funeral home have to go through to embalm the body wow.... Not something I can do at all!! I have seen my share of dead bodies my dad is has been with the Sheriffs office my whole life and I used to ride a lot, so looking at them don’t bother me I just don’t want to deal with them. Ha-ha.

I am not a fan of funerals, heck who is. Ever since my grandmother died in 1993 I do not sit through funerals at all. I will go to the viewing and see the family of the passed love one usually the day or night before the funeral, but if I do go to the funeral I will not go in and sit through the service. I just can't.

2. What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday?
My birthdays are always great. My Dad is totally the best man ever and never ever lets me down. So every year is amazing still at 29.

3. What do you hide behind?
Drazil's answer to this question was awesome. So take time and go read it.

I think for me personally. I hide behind people. I have in the past tried so hard to make people like me. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I always put myself last and wanted to do whatever it took to make people happy and me to fit in. This journey however, is causing me to find out more and more everyday that people don’t really matter as much as I gave them power over my life. I want to be happy in my own life. That means I have to love myself, and put me first. I don’t think it means changing the person I am. I will always be that sweet caring Gail everyone that knows me already, but I am not allowing people to determine what I want anymore. I am moving forward making decisions of my own.
Hope that makes sense.

4. Where were you born?
Born in Jacksonville, Fl raised in a small town right out side of it called Callahan

5. Copied as Drazil wrote it.... A little twist on this one..usually we ask – what blog spoke to you the most, stuck with you, had the most effect on you this week? This week I’m adding to that which comment may have affected you greatly? Sometimes a blog can lead to amazing comments and they deserve their own claim to fame here in this question.
I haven’t been not really been into the blog world, but I am trying to get there. When I first started this journey I know I have wrote this before, but I will share my story on how I found this blog.... I got sick at work on May 17 of 2009. I got transported to the hospital because I could not breathe. After a bunch of tests I was sent home, and referred to my primary Dr. I seen him he had me go through a bunch more tests. My dr told me that I had to lose weight. He said I think you need to have lap band surgery and I went crazy saying I am not having surgery ever.. It was a bad day he really upset me, but today he is on the top of my list for helping me by pushing me to get where I am today. I have not seen him since. I left that office so upset. I never wanted to go back, but I have an appt set exactly to the date of one year when we had that bad day and I will be over 100 plus pounds down. I can’t wait to see him and tell him how thankful I am to him. Anyway back to my point after I left that office that day.. It took a day or so, but I started to think about what he said. I worked nights then so I had a lot of time on my hands. I began to research on my own what lap band really was. Gotta love Google. ha.. I came across blogspot the first one was Amy. I went back and started to day one of her blog and read it all in one night. She inspired me. She is amazing as you all know. We had so much in common, and I just thought right then if she can do it so can I. So I then took it to my parents and talked to them. They were very supportive. Knowing that I have dealt with my weight since I was young. I reached out to two people at my work that had the surgery, and decided to go with the place they had it done. I made an appointment for a small group seminar took my mom, and that was all she wrote. I found out that my insurance did not cover the surgery, so I had to be a self pay. It made the process much faster. On July 16th I found out my surgery date would be August 11th 2009. I realized that through blogspot there was like a community if you will of lap band patients. To encourage and help each other. I found it absolutely amazing. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but knew I needed help. I emailed Amy and asked her to help me and she has been awesome. I am trying to get more involved now. I am super excited to meet everyone in Chicago.

As for the comments part of that question. There has not been just one that stands out. I love them all and thankful to each of you that do comment. So theres a little tid bit of who I am..

So there are the answers to the questions... Happy Friday to everyone!!!!

Thanks to you all...


  1. Awww - you're super sweet. And I love your #3 answer - it totally makes sense. I cannot wait to meet you in Chicago! Smooches!

  2. well shit. Yes. I said shit. You made me cry. I feel like I havent done enough or anything really! You have done so awesome and are still moving on! I cant wait to wrap my arms around you in Chicago. In five months time we wont have very far to reach around each other!

  3. HA! Hey Gail...I was waiting for someone to answer #1 like that, and you were the first! Guess what I do for a living? lol! I haven't embalmed in years though :)

  4. Hi Gail! Thank you for visiting my blog. I cannot wait to meet you in Chicago and Heck...we live about 1.5 hours away from each other as I am in Ormond Beach, norht of Daytona! Maybe we can get together before the BOOBs trip!

    I am looking forward to following you on your journey!