Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Do Something

I woke up this morning not having to be back to work until 6pm. I planned to just have a lazy day all day. Knowing I was gonna have to be at work a 12 hour shift all night long I knew I would wake up early, but then planned to nap later. Well... I did wake up around 8 moved to the couch then back to bed and ended up not getting up till 1pm. I turned on the tv, played with Shadow my roommates dog, and then just thought to my self what should I do.My boyfriend told me in our conversation before bed last night that since I have a lot of time I should go to the gym, so I looked outside it was all rainy I am like yeah not so much. I made some chicken salad for lunch. I have been doing good all week with my eating by the way. As I laid there though I kept thinking to myself get up Gail. When I decided to jump back into my journey I reached out to my friend Amy. All I kept remembering today was in her message saying "you just gotta do something, just something.!" So I got up put on my workout clothes and turned on the TV went to Comcast on demand and did a 30 min cardio workout. I feel so much better already about myself that I just didn't lay there all day. So my advice for you today is.. Just do something!! Anything!


  1. I guess I need to start texting you around lunch time when you go in late. We need to go walk/run at colony cove. not sure if you know where that is but there's tons of HUGE hills!

    1. I have never heard of it. I am working now at 2pm usually, but in Sept I go to overnights, so I would love to meet you. I need the encouragement and more accountability.