Tuesday, August 6, 2013

4 Miles

Every other Monday is usually a day off for me. That day is usually a Kay and Gail day. Sunday I got a text that said 4 mile walk on the beach tomorrow??? I thought to myself ummm really??? Funny thing is a year ago that would have never been my response. I was so active and just in the working out zone and just loving my new over 160 pound weigh tloss self that I successfully worked at for two years then kept off a while. This month will be four years for my whole journey. I feel successful cause I am still over 100 pounds down but not where I should be. It was just amazing to have a friend that loves me so much to be blunt with me and challenge me. That's a true friend.

We successfully completed a four mile walk on the beach.  My feet are on FIRE!!!! I woke up this morning feeling great. I do have two blisters, but no pain, no gain!! Having a good support system is the number one thing that makes it work for me. Love you my friend!!!

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