Thursday, May 13, 2010

Overcoming Stress

Whew!!! Just typing that title was a mouthful. Yesterday was an awful day. It was like a combination of everything happening over and over. Work was.... stupid. I didn't get my way on something, and what do I do.. You got it.. I pout. Then say something smart and uncalled for to my boss. I hate stupid rules sometimes. Especially when I can see a better result doing it my way. ha.. I sent some text to my close friends telling them what I said and did then I said I am a carbon copy of my Father. I sent him a text that said you have created a monster I am becoming more and more like you everyday. The day seemed to just get worse. Everything that someone said to me I didn't know if I wanted to scream at them or cry. Every thought that came through my head same thoughts, scream or cry. I was an emotional basket case. I was never a sweet lover until lately now my craving is chocolate. How in the devil did this happen. I always want Reese's, or Snickers. What in the world. Growing up my dad has been a diabetic, so we didn't have dessert, sweets, real cokes or anything like that. Every now and then I would want a piece of cheesecake, or Cold Stone ice cream (thanks to Mrs. Bird), but really never was a sweet lover. NOW total opposite. I sat at work wanting to go to the vending machine all afternoon, but I didn't do it!!! Yay me.

I got off work and went straight to my Dr. office where I go see Deb my personal trainer on Mondays and Wednesdays. The way there the devil sitting on my left shoulder kept telling me to call her and not go, turn the car around, but I chose not to. I knew that I would feel better after I sweat a little, and sure enough I had a good workout that always seems to help on a bad day.

I had made plans to go with Kathy my sister in law to a passion party that a friend of ours was having. Didn't really want to do that either, but I went home took a shower, got ready, and went to get Kathy. Got there and opened her refrig what was there... Cheesecake, but I resisted once again.

Meanwhile before I left the house I had text a Lapland friend I have named Stacy. I would like to share our text with you....
Gail: Had a bad day at work all I want is everything I am not supposed to have a large pizza, Reese's or Snickers!!!! Grrr!!!
Stacy: 100 pounds girl... 100 pounds! You did that and one day day or whoever made you this way can not stop you from staying on track! You got this... Get you some pork skins or a slim jim. Drink a diet coke. Don't give in. We are on track and doing good. We gonna get skinny.
Gail: U R the best ever thank u so much!!! I needed that kind of response.
Stacy:There is no turning back girl only moving forward. The food isn't worth not getting to wear those clothes we want to wear so bad. It would only satisfy you for the moment those jeans will satisfy you the whole night.
Gail: Thank you
Stacy: Anytime girl... that's what we are for.
We don't really know each other that well. We met at a support group meeting. We are friends on face book and text some, but I am so happy to know that when I called on her in a moment of weakness she knew exactly what to say. I have met a few amazing friends through my Dr,'s office. Some that read my blog. Just know I am so glad that we met. There are so many people that support and help me. I am thankful for all of you on this blog, and my friends, and family. I would not be as successful that I am without each of you.

So back to my original story. We left Kathy's house headed to the party. It turned out to be a good night with lots of laughs. It was just what I needed.

I overcome a bad day, and who came out on top I did. ME! I did it.


  1. So many opportunities for things to go wrong and you avoided each and every one! Great job!

  2. Well done you! Its good to know you have that inner strength.

  3. Your first few lines were exactly my day at work too. I was counselled that my language/attitude (bitchiness) wasn't very professional by my director. WTF. I don't think I will apologize to the two jerks. But I didn't overeat-I actually cooked fish but am feeling really strange. I am trying to let the feeling through that I normally would have stuffed down with food. Geneen Roth's book is maybe getting to me when she says we use food as a drug. Now wine would be good right now.

    Glad your day got better. I need a good laugh right now. Too much drama and idiots in this world.

  4. Once again I am proud of you, Gail! You are sticking with the plan and straining toward your goal.

    It will be worth it.

    I'm praying for you (and for that cute little mouth of yours which occasionally gets you into hot water).

    Love you,
    Aunt Jean