Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy then Sad

My friend Josh introduced me to a girl that is getting banded next Thursday. We sent some messages back and fourth on facebook. I tried to answer her questions and concerns to the best that I could. While we was talking I asked her to come with me to Zumba. Well.. yesterday I was sooo tired from getting home from Orlando at 0130 then having to be at work at 0600 that I was not feeling like going to Zumba last night, but then I get the message from Sarah asking me if I was gonna be there. I knew I needed to go. Then I got another message from another patient at my dr. office asking me if I still was going to be at Zumba she wanted to try it. So there it was my sign that Gail you have to go. I would have felt bad for not going when people were counting on me to be there. So I went and it was great. I think we worked out harder than ever. It was so fun. I am glad I went. Sarah and Megan loved it as well and will be back!!

On a more important note. Most of you know that I have been working out with Deb my personal trainer at the Dr. Office. Well, there has been lots of drama going on, but last night I got the call that she was "let go" "fired" whatever you want to call it yesterday. I understand the correct thing to say is there are always two sides to every story, but for me I dont want to hear the other side. I am being selfish because I love Deb. I know for a fact that I would not have been so successful if it wasnt for her. I have been working out twice a week with her since I began my journey a year ago. Knowing I had somewhere to be twice a week that I had invested in not only with my money, but emotionally as well was keep me going. The past month I have not been to see her. I was on vacation then my schedule at work has been crazy with me having to do some training, so I missed her. I still had contact with her and did Zumba so I was not doing without, but now that she is gone from there I do not want to fail. That is something that I have always struggled with in previous times of trying to lose weight. My fear of failure then I just give up. I do not want to fail. I think I am stronger than I ever have been through this journey, and I want it to bad that I can say I am not ready to give up or fail. It just scares me. She said that she is going to another place, and we would figure it out.. so we shall see...


  1. Awe, I hate when that happens. Its like losing your hair dresser. I hope you guys can work something out.

  2. Hopefully you can get in touch with Deb and can do some personal sessions.

    Glad you were able to be there for those two ladies. I'm doing Zumba tonight.

  3. Well done on going to zumba after so little sleep, not sure that I would have!
    Hope that you can get in contact with Deb and continue your sessions.