Monday, August 2, 2010

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. Super sorry about that. I had to work night shift at work last night. I was able to catch up on some blogs man I miss you guys. Work has been crazy and just life it self I have to make sometime. Zumba is my favorite thing going right now. Love it! Sundays I try to make my family day. I went to lunch with mom and dad then dad said what do you wanna do? I told him I need to find some shoes for a wedding we are going to next weekend. He wasn't thrilled cause we all know how shoe shopping is with us girls, but I said really it's good. I know exactly for the first time what I want. I have a pair in gold but I want silver it's been months but I hope they still have them. We got to the store and right in front of me is all these beautiful dresses. The first thing poops in my head is Chicago. I really want that night to be my first little black dress night, so mom and I took off looking ... I had a party in that dressing room no plus size for me anymore and i even put a 14 on!!! It's no where perfect but party you hear me!!!! I am on cloud nine. I immediately called my sister Kathy the next thought was I have got to blog, so this is me mobile blogging my news. I can't wait. I didn't buy one cause I'm gonna wait till September. I might find something better. It was just a fun day! Love u and miss u all! Xoxo


  1. that is sooo awesome! Great nsv! Congrats!

  2. Such a great feeling, huh? congrats and I know you will look good no matter what you choose!