Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Short Vaca

On Sunday I left to go to Orlando with one of my bestest buddies Josh. We had a very eventful weekend that included: Seaworld, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Bahama Breeze, Magic Kingdom, lots of rain, seen Switch at the movies, Dinner at Margaritaville, and we ended our three days with the Jack Johnson concert which was AWESOME! He is just amazing. Im at work today, I'll post pictures later.

On the band front... Why is that the whole weekend it seemed that I could eat, and eat... Then we stopped for lunch on Tuesday at 903 Mills Market. I attempted to eat a salad with chicken on it and some soup.. ummm yeah two bites into it and I was done.. The most horrible feeling ever! I knew I had something stuck. After walking around outside trying to get it to pass I had to just get it out.. Yes you guessed it... chicken.. yuck~! So embarrassing. Josh kept saying cant you just chew more, cut smaller, ect. He tried to be supportive. I have been banded now a year and only had four times that I felt really bad/uncomfortable that was one of them. I hate those times. Especially to be with someone. I rather deal with it on my own. I always talk about the good times on here, so I needed to post a bad time as well.... We all have them Im sure.
I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!


  1. Chicken seems to hate me too! Junk food loves me but healthy chicken gets stuck everytime. Only four times in a year is pretty amazing! I am lucky if I get away with four times a week but hey I am fairly new. Banded on March 22nd 2010.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend though.

  2. 4 times in one year - a band star!
    Chicken can be iffy!

  3. So sorry you went through this! Lunch girl! I have to check my Tuesday calendar and set a date!